Skipwith: Health Spending Account

What is a Health Spending Account?

A Health Spending Account is funded with before-tax dollars that pay for a broad range of personal health services.

Make your health costs 100% Tax Deductible.

It’s a non-taxable benefit to your employees, which allows employers to deduct deposits to the account as a business expense.  You stay in control of the cost of benefits.

Program Requirements:

  • The minimum group size is 1 Owner/Employee
  • ADTO Members receive 4% savings!!
  • No Set up Fees
  • It’s flexible and cost effective.
  • You select from monthly, quarterly, or annual payments, made by pre-authorized cheque, based on the benefit amounts selected.  There is a 12% administration fee on all contributions.
  • The benefits are tailored to individual and family needs.  There is a long list of eligible services not usually covered by traditional plans.  That means you can cover expenses not included in your spouse’s plan.  Best of all, you can carry over unspent funds to help cash flow the next year.
  • Contact us today.  We’ll help you discover if a Health Spending Account is an option your company should consider.  Email or call us today.

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