Aspiria promotes quit-smoking program

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ADTO members who are serious about quitting smoking and wish to receive individualized support through a structured program can access the Aspiria telephone smoking cessation service.

The telephone smoking cessation program (Quit Care) incudes:

  • 1 initial interview, 4 treatment sessions, 2 aftercare sessions, 1 booster session (if needed)
  • same certified smoking cessation therapist throughout entire program
  • abstinence-based program (quit date usually set for 2-weeks into program)
  • treatment sessions are 50 min. in length, usually spaced apart about 1-2 weeks
  • program focuses on 3 main areas: activators, behaviours, and consequences
  • goal setting, homework, and reading assignments are integral to the program
  • Workbook included in the program

For more information, call 1-877-234-5327.