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29 September 2018
Central Dental Ltd. - 3420 Pharmacy Ave Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1W 2P7

Passive Compliance Or Active Adherence?

An in-depth look at what is expected to be “in compliance with” the law, in contrast to elevated professional adherence to principles of Infection Prevention. You will surely walk away with a practical and usable action plan after this lecture. As always, updates on media sensations will be included with a sprinkling of humor with science. 

Sponsored by: Micrylium

“Screw vs Cement Retained Restorations” and “Complications in Implant Dentistry”

  • Screw vs cement retained: Advantages and Disadvantages: What patients and the profession needs to know
  • Evolution of materials, surfaces, designs and clinical protocols from the pre-Branemark to current eras
  • Evolution of philosophies of treatment from: “Surgically Driven” / to “Prosthetically Driven” / to “Patient Driven” 
  • Evolution: of material from “Grade I” / to “Grade V” Titanium, and of surfaces from “Machined-Turned” / to “very rough” / to “moderately rough”
  • Evolution from the original Branemark design to “Current” macrostructural intraosseous and crestal module enhancements…and more 
  • Evolution from “External hex” to “Internal hex” to “Alternative Internal Connections e.g. “Conical” …and more
  • Evolution surgically: from submerged 2 stage healed sites / to imme diate extraction / to single stage / to immediate restoration…and more
  • Evolution of retention from “Screw” to “Cement” and back to “Screw”/ from delayed to immediate restoration…and more 

Sponsored by: Baluke Dental Studios

Communicating with the Laboratory in the Digital Age

Digital technology has become ever growing in our daily life, and this has become a welcome addition in the dental field. The evolution process in transmitting information digitally to the dental laboratory has however been slow. Conventional tools for communication between the dentist and the technician include photography, written documentation on a laboratory slip and impression of the patient’s existing dentition, the clinical preps or implant impression and opposing dentition. We will review and explore opportunities and rationale for digital communication from the dentist to the lab.  

Sponsored by: Palmeri Media Group

Modern Frameworks

From planning and wax-up to digital design, the making of cast partial frameworks has lots of possibilities. This presentation will give you an overview of how frameworks are made, manual and digital, and different ways of finishing. You will see many samples of combination cases including attachments, telescopic crowns and implants as well as helpful information for your daily work.  

Sponsored by: Baluke Dental Studios


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