Welcome to ADTO

The ADTO is the authoritative voice of dental technology in Ontario and seeks to pursue the advancement of the profession through education, communication amongst its members, and liaison with external agencies.

The ADTO represents the Registered Dental Technologists of Ontario, providing its members services including insurance, education, communication, and dental classifieds.

The ADTO encourages excellence in the provision of dental technology services.

The ADTO advances the Science and Business of Dental Technology and provides a source of knowledge to the members of the dental profession, for the benefit of their clients and to raise the general standards of dental technology practice.

The ADTO seeks to elevate the status and recognition of our profession, as a whole and to its individual members within the dental profession, the governing bodies and associations of the dental profession, educational institutions, the government, allied trade associations, manufacturers and suppliers, and the general public.

We welcome our members, technologists, dental technicians, dental community members and the public to visit and use our website.